Industry and Foundation Collaborations

NYGC is an independent nonprofit established through strong relationships and affiliations with leading medical and academic institutions in New York and beyond. We have conducted more than 2200 genomics research projects and clinical diagnostic testing in collaboration with academic institutions, disease foundations and industry, including several top 10 pharmaceutical companies. Through these strategic partnerships, we look to accelerate knowledge creation and discovery to impact the scientific and medical communities and advance our mission.

Potential Collaborative Project Examples

  • Assess combined results of patient genome sequencing and RNA-Seq to identify signatures that are common within exceptional groups and differ between them
  • Analyze ongoing clinical trials or banked patient samples to:
    • Identify genetic differentiators to stratify patients for future clinical trials
    • Define biomarkers for a companion diagnostic (CDx)
    • Discover new clinically relevant pathways
    • Inform rational combination of therapies
    • Revive a shelved drug
  • Participate in NYGC’s disease-specific consortia to contribute to the understanding of how mutations cause disease and to enhance definitive diagnosis and effective drug discovery efforts
  • Develop cutting-edge approaches with our Innovation Laboratory to create and advance new sequencing applications to meet your research needs, including in the areas of:
    • Single Cell Sequencing
    • Microfluidics
    • Methods Development
    • Long Read Next-Generation Sequencing
  • Collaborate with our Genome Engineering and Functional Discover Platform (GEFDP) to access high-throughput CRISPR screening technology

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Genome Engineering and Functional Discovery Platform

Applying High-Throughput CRISPR Gene Editing for Functional Genomic Screening and Target Identification at NYGC

The Genome Engineering and Functional Discovery Platform (GEFDP) at NYGC works with collaborative partners to establish and carry out high-throughput genome editing screens to functionally query emerging disease systems. These functional genomics methods include genome-wide loss-of-function and gain-of-function screens in vitro and in vivo, as well as scanning mutagenesis to identify functional elements in the noncoding genome. In addition to developing and optimizing new gene editing technologies and pooled screening assays, GEFDP scientists have built the computational tools necessary to analyze genome-wide datasets for functional discoveries.

Specific Goals of this Platform Technology

GEFDP scientists support collaborators to design and implement high-throughput screens to investigate the effect of genetic alterations on biologic phenotypes of interest including:

  • Pooled CRISPR library design, synthesis and production
  • Cell culture library screening
  • Sequencing and data analysis
  • Array screen to validate primary screen hits

Join the GEFDP as a Collaborative Partner

The GEFDP scientific team engages with academic and industry collaborators from experimental design through project execution to optimize the biological system and depth of discovery. The expertise of the GEFDP scientists enables collaborators to deploy high-throughput screening technology to:

  • Understand resistance mechanisms to a drug of interest
  • Identify disease-relevant genetic variants
  • Discover new clinically actionable pathways
  • Investigate noncoding and regulatory elements


For more information on the Genome Engineering and Functional Discovery Platform at NYGC, please contact