The New York Genome Center (NYGC) is an independent, nonprofit academic research institution that serves as a multi-institutional hub for genomic research. Leveraging our strengths in whole-genome sequencing and genomic analysis, our mission is the advancement of genomic science and its application to drive novel biomedical discoveries. NYGC’s areas of focus include the development of computational and experimental genomic methods and disease-focused research to better understand the genetic basis of cancer, neurodegenerative disease, and neuropsychiatric disease. In 2020, the NYGC also has directed its expertise to COVID-19 research.

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New Algorithm Identifies ‘Escaping’ Cells in Single-Cell CRISPR Screens, Uncovers New Regulators of Immune Cell Behavior

A team of researchers from New York University and the New York Genome Center has developed a new computational tool to help understand the function and regulation of human genes. Its results, published today in the journal Nature Genetics, demonstrate how to interpret experiments that combine the use of CRISPR to perturb genes along with multimodal single-cell sequencing technologies.

Study Showcases 64 Human Genomes As New Reference for Global Genetic Diversity

NYGC Associate Member Evan Eichler, PhD, NYGC Scientific Director of Computational Biology Michael Zody, PhD, and members of the NYGC Bioinformatics and Software Engineering teams are among the co-authors contributing to this sequencing project that provides unprecedented accuracy against the background of global genetic variation. The new reference will enhance researchers’ ability to make genetic discoveries related to health and disease, especially in groups that have been traditionally under-served by genomics research.

Neville Sanjana, PhD, Interviewed and Lab’s SARS-CoV-2 Mutation Research Featured in Washington Post Report on COVID-19 and Children

Super-Sensitive Cancer Blood Test Earns “Top 10” Award from Clinical Research Forum

NYGC Core Faculty Member Dan Landau, MD, PhD, is being recognized by this Washington, D.C.-based organization, an influential advocate for government funding of clinical research, for his highly innovative and clinically translatable research with the potential to provide major benefits to patients.

400M Rare Genetic Variants Discovered/Examined: Q&A with Michael Zody, PhD, on NYGC Contributions to TOPMed Nature Paper

Mutation in SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Renders Virus Up to Eight Times More Infectious

Study led by researchers at NYGC, NYU, and Mt. Sinai corroborates findings that the D614G mutation makes SARS-CoV-2 more transmissible. This mutation has reached near universal prevalence and is included in all current variants of concern.
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bioRxiv. 2021 Feb 7.

High coverage whole genome sequencing of the expanded 1000 Genomes Project cohort including 602 trios.

Marta Byrska-Bishop, Uday S Evani, Xuefang Zhao, Anna O Basile, Haley J Abel, Allison A Regier, André Corvelo, Wayne E Clarke, Rajeeva Musunuri, Kshithija Nagulapalli, Susan Fairley, Alexi Runnels, Lara Winterkorn, Ernesto Lowy-Gallego, The Human Genome Structural Variation Consortium, Paul Flicek, Soren Germer, Harrison Brand, Ira M Hall, Michael E Talkowski, Giuseppe Narzisi, Michael C Zody

Cell Reports. 2021 Feb. 2.

Whole-genome characterization of lung adenocarcinomas lacking the RTK/RAS/RAF pathway.

Carrot-Zhang J, Yao X, Devarakonda S, Deshpande A, Damrauer JS, Silva TC, Wong CK, Choi HY, Felau I, Robertson AG, Castro MAA, Bao L, Rheinbay E, Liu EM, Trieu T, Haan D, Yau C, Hinoue T, Liu Y, Shapira O, Kumar K, Mungall KL, Zhang H, Lee JJ, Berger A, Gao GF, Zhitomirsky B, Liang WW, Zhou M, Moorthi S, Berger AH, Collisson EA, Zody MC, Ding L, Cherniack AD, Getz G, Elemento O, Benz CC, Stuart J, Zenklusen JC, Beroukhim R, Chang JC, Campbell JD, Hayes DN, Yang L, Laird PW, Weinstein JN, Kwiatkowski DJ, Tsao MS, Travis WD, Khurana E, Berman BP, Hoadley KA, Robine N; TCGA Research Network, Meyerson M, Govindan R, Imielinski M

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