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BioLegend® and New York Genome Center® Enter into Exclusive Global License and Research Agreement for CITE-seq™

New York, NY  ·  January 11, 2018

BioLegend® and New York Genome Center® Enter into Exclusive Global License and Research Agreement for CITE-seq™, a Novel Technique for Multidimensional Single Cell Analysis

New Partnership to Help Accelerate Translational Genomic Science Research

BioLegend, Inc. (“BioLegend”) and the New York Genome Center (“NYGC”) announced today that they have entered into an exclusive worldwide license and collaborative research agreement for CITE-seq™ technology for use in the research field. CITE-seq™ , Cellular Indexing of Transcriptomes and Epitopes by sequencing, developed in the NYGC’s Technology Innovation Lab by a team led by Dr. Marlon Stoeckius, complements BioLegend’s extensive portfolio of antibodies and biomedical reagents. The new CITE-seq™  technology enables scientists to simultaneously measure protein and RNA expression at the single-cell level, allowing researchers to distinguish different cell types and cell states, and study disease mechanisms at the level of individual cells.

The partnership with the NYGC expands the reach of BioLegend’s antibody and protein portfolio of reagents into the rapidly advancing space of genomic and transcriptomic profiling. In an effort to facilitate standardization of the technology and allow comparison of data across many studies, BioLegend and the NYGC have established a large set of static barcodes, each of which are assigned to unique antibodies/proteins. In advance of the official release of CITE-seq™ catalog products, and related products for sample multiplexing and doublet identification, BioLegend is now providing specific custom CITE-seq™ antibody conjugates to interested customers. Whether provided by catalog or in custom form, BioLegend’s oligo-barcoded CITE-seq™ antibodies establish high-quality reagent standards for this new profiling technology.

“We are very excited about Dr. Stoeckius’ innovative technology, and its applicability to BioLegend’s portfolio of reagents for profiling protein expression in single cells. This approach will surely revolutionize basic and biomedical research. Along with other advancing technologies in this space, giving scientists easy access to quality reagents such as these will significantly accelerate scientific research,” says Gene Lay, BioLegend’s CEO.

“The capacity of CITE-seq™ to more finely dissect cell populations has many potential applications in clinical research and is a powerful tool in international efforts to create a human single cell atlas. Our CITE-seq™ license agreement and accompanying collaborative research agreement with BioLegend are good examples of how sharing innovative genomic tools widely with the scientific community has the potential to advance translational genomic science and advance efforts to realize the goals of precision medicine,” says Dr. Tom Maniatis, NYGC’s Scientific Director and CEO.

About the New York Genome Center
The New York Genome Center (NYGC) is an independent, nonprofit academic research institution at the forefront of transforming biomedical research and clinical care. Founded as a collaborative venture by the region’s premier academic, medical and industry leaders, the New York Genome Center’s goal is to translate genomic research into new diagnostics, therapeutics and treatments for human disease. NYGC member organizations and partners are united in this unprecedented collaboration of technology, science and medicine, designed to harness the power of innovation and discoveries to advance genomic services. Their shared objective is the acceleration of medical genomics and precision medicine to benefit patients around the world.

Member institutions include: Albert Einstein College of Medicine, American Museum of Natural History, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Columbia University, Hospital for Special Surgery, The Jackson Laboratory, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York-Presbyterian Hospital, The New York Stem Cell Foundation, New York University, Northwell Health, Princeton University, The Rockefeller University, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Stony Brook University, Weill Cornell Medicine and IBM. For more information on the NYGC, please visit

About BioLegend
BioLegend develops and manufactures world-class, cutting-edge antibodies and reagents at an outstanding value to customers for biomedical research. The broad product portfolio includes flow cytometry, cell biology, and functional reagents for research in immunology, cancer research, stem cells, and more. The aggressive product development program is accomplished through technology licensing, collaborations, and internal research. BioLegend offers a wide range of custom services, including assay development, sample testing, and conjugation. BioLegend headquarters in San Diego, CA operates under an ISO 13485:2003 certified quality management system. For more information on BioLegend, visit:

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