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The New York Genome Center (NYGC) is an independent, nonprofit academic research institution that serves as a multi-institutional hub for genomic research. NYGC’s mission is the advancement of genomic science to drive novel biomedical discoveries and improve human health. We advance genomics through the development of computational and experimental genomic methods and apply these methods to disease-focused research to better understand the genetic basis of cancer, neurodegenerative disease, and neuropsychiatric disease.

Recently, the NYGC has also applied its expertise in genomics and our role as the scientific convener in New York to help accelerate and support COVID-19 genomics research. In March 2020, NYGC Evnin Family Scientific Director and Chief Executive Officer Tom Maniatis, PhD, convened area researchers and other interested parties representing both our Institutional Founding Members and others, and the COVID-19 Genomics Research Network was launched.

The NYGC builds on the combined strengths of our faculty, staff scientists, member institutions, scientific working groups, affiliate members, and industry partners to develop and apply advanced genomics to understand the foundational processes of biology and the basis of disease. Our outstanding faculty are central to our mission — leading independent research labs based at the NYGC. NYGC senior and core faculty members, who hold joint appointments at leading New York institutions, include a Nobel Laureate, three Lasker award winners, and five members of the National Academy of Sciences. The NYGC has attracted leading scientists whose wide-ranging expertise — including genomic technologies, whole genome sequencing, clinical genetic testing, single cell genomics, genome engineering, population genomics, statistical genetics, computational biology, and bioengineering — brings a multidisciplinary and in-depth approach to the field of genomics. Since its inception, NYGC researchers have published more than 200 research studies in leading, high-impact scientific journals.


Our Core Values guide how we act toward each other and how we advance our science together:

Supporting Our Science

At the New York Genome Center, the generosity of our donors cultivates a creative culture where scientists can focus their energies and attention on collaborative research, confident in the knowledge that their ideas and projects are being funded and supported by philanthropy. Our donors play a key role in supporting the development of New York City as a world leader in life sciences and biomedical research.

Philanthropic support is an essential tool in enabling the continued success of the New York Genome Center as a central hub for shared genomic data and scientific discoveries. Now more than ever, the crucial partnership between scientists and donors who fund their research is needed to help support this important work and continue moving genomic science forward.


Scientist working at a monitor in a lab

A State-of-the-Art Hub

The New York Genome Center’s headquarters is located at 101 Avenue of the Americas just north of Canal Street, where the SoHo, TriBeCa and Hudson Square neighborhoods meet.

  • Over 170,000 square feet, including 30,000-square-feet of sequencing lab space
  • Research labs with space to host a number of principal investigators and their teams from various member institutions
  • A Technology Innovation Lab to develop new genomics tools and technologies
  • A CLIA/CLEP clinical lab that utilizes next-generation sequencing technology to perform cutting-edge tests in the areas of genetics and oncology
  • A dedicated open-plan bioinformatics floor to encourage discussion and collaboration
  • A data storage annex to safely store the immense amounts of data produced

Institutional Founding Members

Institutional Associate Members