One thing that fuels innovation is a dissatisfaction with the way things are and a burning need to make them better. In the field of genomics, this translates into a desire to do things faster, cheaper, and more accurately, which was the impetus to develop the Technology Innovation Lab at NYGC.

The Technology Innovation Lab, led by Peter Smibert, PhD, is a dedicated incubator within the NYGC comprised of a multidisciplinary team in which staff scientists and faculty, as well as many research collaborators, can explore and test breakthrough genomic tools and ideas. The ability to measure genomic (DNA), transcriptomic (RNA) and proteomic (protein) states at the single-cell level is paramount to understanding the biology of healthy and disease states. The Lab is actively developing single-cell genomics techniques and tools to improve and expand this measurement.

Enabling Innovation Working Group
The NYGC will support our three disease-research areas (neurodegenerative, neuropsychiatric, and cancer) with our ongoing commitment to technology innovation, particularly in single cell and spatial transcriptomics. To support this commitment, the NYGC has created a new Enabling Technology Working Group with the objective of bringing together researchers from our Institutional Founding Members, NYGC faculty, senior faculty, NYGC technology development and computational scientists, and affiliate members to build collaborative initiatives in single cell and spatial transcriptomics and share new technologies with the scientific community to advance precision medicine.

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