Nadia Propp

Senior Program Manager

Nadia Propp (Senior Program Manager) has been in laboratory management for ten years. She graduated from University of WI, Madison with a BS in Bacteriology.  After graduation she worked at the Institute of Human Virology, Baltimore MD, where she studied T-cell repertoire in HIV infected individuals. She received her MA in Biotechnology at Columbia University while working as a research assistant in Dr. Richard Axel’s laboratory where she helped to design targeting vectors to create new mouse models, learned mouse ES cell gene targeting technique, and investigated recognition and individuality in mice via behavioral analysis. Post MA, she joined Dr. Charles Zuker’s lab where she supervised and managed a lab of 20 people, including maintenance of a 1,000-cage mouse colony. At the CGND, she oversees day to day operations of the laboratory, including finances and maintaining rapport with all scientists, postdocs and research associates to ensure smooth functioning of research. She supports the director of CGND and its staff.  She manages lab staff to ensure efficient and uninterrupted processing of specimens and works closely with project management to ensure timely sequencing.  She provides necessary administrative support required to make sure the ALS Consortium workflow is uncompromised.