Delphine Fagegaltier

Staff Scientist
Functional Genomics Lead

Delphine Fagegaltier (Staff Scientist, Functional Genomics Lead) has a PhD in Molecular and Cellullar Biology. Delphine trained in structural biology, biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology. She dove into bioinformatics by combining her extensive bench skills in RNA and library preparation methods with downstream data analysis. She supports experimental design and provides data analysis for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), collaborates on research projects and grant proposals, and leads workshops in Genomics. She trained at Strasbourg University, Stanford University, the Pasteur Institute in Paris as a Medical Research Fellow, and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory as a Molecular Genomics scientist. She has performed and implemented a number of experimental and NGS analyses for a wide range of research areas, from the functional study of several classes of small RNAs (esiRNAs, miRNAs, piRNAs) in development, reproduction and cancer, of sex-specific long non-coding RNAs, to the regulation of gene expression in development and disease. Delphine joined the CGND in 2016 to establish, streamline and lead the processing of NYGC ALS RNASeq postmortem samples. Her areas of interest include the study of alterations in gene expression and splicing defects in humans and in mouse models of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).