Avinash Abhyankar

Avinash Abhyankar, MD, PhD

Senior Director, Clinical Bioinformatics

Avinash has over two decades of experience in the fields of medicine, bioinformatics and human genetics. After completing MD in India, Avinash pursued advanced education in bioinformatics and human genetics in Sweden and was awarded PhD in 2010. His post-doctoral work at Rockefeller University, New York focused on using next-generation sequencing techniques to unravel genetic defects underlying susceptibility to various infectious diseases. During his career he has made major contributions to the understanding of genetics of complex disorders like type 2 diabetes to rare monogenic forms of severe pediatric disorders. Avinash joined the New York Genome Center in 2012 and currently leads the Constitutional Clinical Informatics group focusing on translating high-throughput sequencing data to personalized therapies for undiagnosed diseases and cancer. For more information about Avinash and his contributions to science check LinkedIn and Google Scholar profiles.