Atteeq Rehman

Atteeq Rehman, PhD, FACMG

Director, Molecular Diagnostics

Dr. Rehman is an ABMGG-certified Clinical Molecular Geneticist, a Fellow of the American College of Medical Genetics, and a Diplomate of the American Board of Medical Genetics & Genomics. He conducted his PhD research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Maryland and earned his PhD in 2011 from University of the Punjab in Lahore. He was a post-doctoral research fellow for nearly five years at the NIH where he utilized exome and genome sequencing to understand the genetic basis of monogenic disorders. He moved to Baylor College of Medicine in 2016 and completed his two-year postdoctoral ABMGG Fellowship in Clinical Molecular Genetics. Dr. Rehman joined NYGC in July 2018 and brought a wealth of experience in both basic and clinical genetics research as evidenced by his numerous research publications in the top-tier international journals including CellNature NeuroscienceHuman Mutation, European Journal of Human Genetics, and American Journal of Human Genetics.

As an Associate Director, Molecular Diagnostics, Dr. Rehman investigates the possible diagnosis of human inherited diseases through analysis, interpretation, and review of genome sequencing data from various clinical research projects and undiagnosed diseases. He leads a number of research and development projects in the CLIA laboratory and focuses on understanding the molecular genetics of pediatric and adult onset disorders.