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Isabel Hubbard

Return to All CGND Lab People Isabel Hubbard was an Associate Scientist II at the Center for Genomics of Neurodegenerative Disease (CGND). Prior to joining the NYGC, she was a development scientist at a clinical reference laboratory, where she developed targeted oncology assays for the Illumina MiSeqDx and Ion PGM NGS platforms for use in […]

Jan Bergmann

Return to All CGND Lab People Jan studied biology at the University of Heidelberg in Germany and obtained a M.Sc. by research in life sciences from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. He joined the laboratory of Prof. William Earnshaw, also at Edinburgh University, where he received his Ph.D. in Cell- and Molecular Biology for […]

Rawan Abdelaal

Return to All CGND Lab People Rawan Abdelaal worked on the interactions between motor neurons and glial cells in ALS pathology using mouse and iPS cell-based models combined with NGS technology. She mostly focused on iPSC culture systems including differentiation of iPSCs into ALS relevant cell types (e.g. motor neurons, astrocytes, etc.) as well as […]

Catherine Braine

Return to All CGND Lab People   Catherine Braine (Graduate Student) was a PhD candidate in the Columbia Neurobiology and Behavior graduate program where she was co-mentored by Dr. Tom Maniatis and Dr. Hemali Phatnani. Her project sought to understand how activation of Transforming Growth Factor Beta signaling in motor neurons influences their survival and […]

Delphine Fagegaltier

Return to All CGND Lab People   Delphine Fagegaltier (formerly Staff Scientist, Functional Genomics Lead, CGND) has a PhD in Molecular and Cellullar Biology. Delphine trained in structural biology, biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology. She dove into bioinformatics by combining her extensive bench skills in RNA and library preparation methods with downstream data analysis. She supports […]

James Gregory

Return to All CGND Lab People James Gregory has a broad research background in molecular biology, biochemistry, protein engineering, microbiology, and immunology. He completed his BS in biochemistry at Miami University (Oxford, OH) and received his PhD in biology from the University of California, San Diego for his studies on the spatial and temporal regulation […]