Computational Biology Lab / Bioinformatics

The Computational Biology / Bioinformatics group at the New York Genome Center (NYGC) is a team of scientists, analysts and programmers who conduct research in cancer genomics, transcriptomics, genetics of Mendelian and complex diseases, statistical genetics, metagenomics, epigenomics, and genome and transcriptome assembly. This work includes the development of tools and analysis pipelines. The group works closely with the Software Engineering, Research Computing and Sequencing groups at NYGC to continuously improve and speed-up the analysis of genomic data. This group also collaborates with the NYGC faculty labs, the NYGC Technology Innovation Lab, and external researchers, with the goal of translating improvements in genomic analysis methods into better data to guide more informed healthcare.

Some of the team’s most recent research projects involve development of methods for pathogen identification, somatic variant prioritization, mitochondrial genome analysis, and development of methods to analyze emerging long-read technologies. We also contribute to the New York-wide collaborative glioblastoma clinical outcomes study and longitudinal study of autoimmune diseases led by the New York Genome Center.


This work was partially supported by a gift from the Simons Foundation.