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Teresa Venezia Bowman, PhD

4:00 PM — 6:00 PM

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

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Teresa Venezia Bowman, PhD

Associate Professor
Department of Developmental and Molecular Biology
Department of Medicine (Oncology)
Gottesman Institute of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine
Albert Einstein College of Medicine


“Finding Balance: The Importance of R-loop Homeostasis in Development and Disease”




4-5PM: Lecture & Audience Q&A
5-6PM: Networking & Cocktail Reception


The Bowman laboratory focuses on understanding the role of RNA processing in cancer and development. They employ the many advantages of the zebrafish model, such as optical transparency, high fecundity, and facile genetics approaches, to determine how defects in RNA processing factors impact hematopoietic and neural development. Using genetic models, they have identified Splicing Factor 3B, subunit 1 (SF3B1) and DEAD-box Helicase 41 (DDX41) as in vivo suppressors of R-loop-mediated DNA damage involved in cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Taking advantage of high throughput in vivo screening capabilities in zebrafish and validation studies in mammalian systems, they are taking chemical genetic approaches to find novel therapeutics that can improve the outcome for patients.

To learn more about Dr. Bowman, visit her lab page.


Q&A Moderator:

David A. Knowles, PhD
Core Faculty Member
New York Genome Center

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science
Assistant Professor, Department of Systems Biology
Columbia University

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