Whole Genome and Transcriptome Sequencing (WGTS) for Oncology

Whole genome sequencing (WGTS) for oncology is a complex genetic test which involves sequencing the genome of the tumor and the matched normal specimen and transcriptome sequencing of the tumor specimen. In comparison to whole exome sequencing (WES), this test includes sequencing both the protein coding regions of the genome (exons) and the non-protein coding regions of the genome (introns). This test is indicated for cancer (solid tumors or hematological malignancies) where a mutational profile from multiple genes would be informative for disease stratification, prognosis, or treatment options or alternative treatments, including targeted therapies and eligibility for clinical trials


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NYGC’s Clinical Laboratory returns results within 6-8 weeks on a standard basis, but can provide more rapid turnaround if needed. A report will be provided indicating if the test detects the specified variant(s).

NYGC clinical lab

Ordering Instructions

A physician can order the test using NYGC’s test requisition form and must obtain informed consent from the patient (in pediatric cases, the child’s parents) being tested. This test requires 5ml of blood drawn in an EDTA tube or saliva specimen collected in an Oragene Dx collection kit or DNA extracted in a CLIA-certified laboratory. Samples should be shipped to NYGC overnight via FedEx. A courier service may also be feasible.