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RNA Diversity in Human Tissues Mapped with Emerging Sequencing Technology

Expression of different forms of genes in human tissues has been mapped at unprecedented depth using emerging sequencing technology NEW YORK, NY (August 3, 2022) – Research on RNA diversity in human tissues, led by scientists from the New York Genome Center and the Broad Institute, is described in a recent study published in Nature. […]

Programming the Immune System to Supercharge Cancer Cell Therapies

Genome-wide approaches to engineer more effective anti-cancer immunotherapy NEW YORK, NY (March 16, 2022) – The first FDA-approved gene therapies are living drugs: immune cells taken from cancer patients engineered to target tumor cells. However, for many patients, these advanced therapies do not result in a long-lasting remission. Now, scientists at the New York Genome […]

Cheryl A. Moore Named to Crain’s List of 2020 Notable in Health Care

NEW YORK, NY (August 10, 2020) – Cheryl A. Moore, President and Chief Operating Officer of the New York Genome Center (NYGC), has been named to the Crain’s New York Business list of 2020 Notable in Health Care. This is the second consecutive year that Ms. Moore has been recognized by Crain’s, having been selected […]

Ultra-Sensitive Blood Test for Tumor DNA Could Help Monitor Residual Cancer

NEW YORK, NY (June 1, 2020) — A DNA-sequencing strategy powered by machine learning may pick up even very low levels of tumor DNA in blood samples, potentially enabling the early detection of cancer recurrence after surgery or other treatments, according to a study led by scientists at Weill Cornell Medicine and the New York […]