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IBM, NYGC Expand Partnership With New Pilot Cancer Study

For their contribution to the President’s Precision Medicine Initiative, the New York Genome Center and IBM are expanding their existing collaboration for generating and analyzing genomic and clinical data from glioblastoma patients using the IBM Watson for Genomics system to include a new initiative focused on cancer in general. The so-called NYGC-IBM Cancer Alliance is […]

Should DNA donors see their genomic data?

Erlich shares Danko’s scepticism about the potential risks of sharing genetic data with patients, and says: “I’m not aware of any case that someone — basically, just by having access to the raw data — suddenly did something, or suddenly freaked out.” In October, Erlich launched a crowdsourced database called DNA.LAND, to which people can […]

When Science Is a Family Tradition

My apprenticeship from my father (pictured above, center), James Darnell, happened at the dinner table. There I first learned the vocabulary of science. By the time I was 12, I was pretty convinced that ‘‘polyadenylation precedes splice site selection.’’ Growing up with the second language of science facilitated the transition from fluency in terminology to […]