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NYC biotech industry to get big boost from new de Blasio initiative

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a $500 million initiative Tuesday to spur the development of the city’s biotech industry, a sector that includes medicinal research, pharmaceuticals and other fields. Although the city is home to 100 research foundations and nine medical centers, the mayor said there is untapped potential for researchers and entrepreneurs. Read Article

Lab Manager: Trends in Lab Automation

Contributing editor Tanuja Koppal, PhD, talks to Harold Swerdlow, PhD, vice president of sequencing at the New York Genome Center, about the use of automation in sequencing, while Kaylene Simpson, PhD, associate professor and head of the Victorian Centre for Functional Genomics (VCFG) at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Australia, discusses the use of […]

Your Neanderthal DNA might actually be doing you some good

Most human genomes harbor small fragments of Neanderthal DNA, the legacy of prehistoric hanky-panky between our ancestors and their hominid cousins. For the most part, that inheritance has been detrimental. Research suggests that as much as 10 percent of the human genome was inherited from archaic hominids other than Homo sapiens, but the majority of […]