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Join us for a discussion with our scientist panel to learn more about:  The widespread impact of rare diseases (7,000 known rare diseases, 300 million worldwide affected, 50 percent of rare disease patients are children) How next-generation sequencing has uncovered the genes responsible more than 50 percent of all rare diseases How the genomic study of […]

Study: More Frequent Genomic Monitoring May Help Guide Cancer Treatment

NEW YORK, NY (December 21, 2017) —Ongoing monitoring for genetic changes in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) during targeted treatment may allow clinicians to adjust patients’ treatments as the cancer evolves, according to a study published Dec. 19 in Nature Communications led by Weill Cornell Medicine and New York Genome Center scientists. Physicians usually genetically profile […]

Dr. Marcin Imielinski – Identifying New Type of Genetic Mutation in Cancer

A newly discovered type of genetic mutation that occurs frequently in cancer cells may provide clues about the disease’s origins and offer new therapeutic targets, according to new research from Weill Cornell Medicine and the New York Genome Center. Using next-generation sequencing technology, scientists have previously traced cancer’s roots to mutations that disrupt the sequence […]

Watch Video of “Breast Cancer & Genomics: BRCA & Beyond”

Read the related May 31 press release: The National Breast Cancer Coalition Partners with New York Genome Center’s DNA.Land to Crowdsource Large-Scale Breast Cancer Genomics Database. Watch other videos on the New York Genome Center YouTube Channel.