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Kazimierz Wrzeszczynski

Assistant Director, Clinical Oncology Informatics

Kazimierz Wrzeszczynski joined the New York Genome Center in February of 2014 as a Bioinformatics Scientist specializing in Cancer Genomics. He earned his Ph.D. in Computational Biology in 2009 at Columbia University where his thesis was on the application of machine learning techniques for the identification of kinase function from protein sequence and biochemical properties. He then moved on to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory where he performed his postdoctoral research in cancer bioinformatics studying ovarian cancer. There he focused on identifying ovarian tumor biomarkers from multimodal data, integrating copy number variation, DNA methylation and RNA expression. His research also included the computational discovery of genes related to carboplatin resistance in ovarian cancer cell lines using proteomic data. Kazimierz came to the NYGC from the National Cancer Institute where he worked as a computational biologist in the Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis. At the NCI, his primary research was in the identification of splice variants and gene fusion events in sarcomas. Working in collaboration with the NCI’s Laboratory of Molecular Pharmacology he developed bioinformatics approaches in formulating mechanisms of action for drug candidates specific to sarcoma types and performed drug response analysis for the NCI-60 cell line panel. He brings to the New York Genome Center knowledge of anti-cancer drug therapy in addition to his computational biology and cancer bioinformatics expertise. At the NYGC, Kazimierz translates cancer genomics with the knowledge of known therapeutic approaches for the better understanding of the molecular biology of cancer mechanisms and the relation to better treatment options. Kazimierz is also the primary cancer bioinformatics scientist for the NYGC CLIA laboratory, working along side the CLIA laboratory director and CLIA scientists to produce clinical oncology sequencing protocols and diagnostic reports.

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