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Making it in NYC: a Little Luck & a lot of Grit

3:30 PM — 6:00 PM
The road to success in the concrete jungle is a long one...
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The road to success in the concrete jungle is a long one with no guarantees, especially when it comes to the start-up space. There are many factors to success, skill, determination, money, the right team…some may even say the biggest factor is luck. Join us as we examine just how much luck is involved in turning one idea into a tangible innovative product, solution or business.


At JLABS @ NYC, we invite you to a fireside chat with founders who have been there before and can shine a light on what it really takes to build a company from the ground up. Spoiler alert: it takes a little more hustle and determination than “luck of the draw”!





03:30 PM | Registration Opens and Networking
04:00 PM | Fireside Chat and Q&A
05:00 PM | Networking Session
06:00 PM | Program Close


Presentation & Lunch
$25 | General Public
$35 | At the door
Includes presentation, Q&A and refreshments.


New York Genome Center
101 6th Avenue
New York, NY 10013



Speakers’ Biographies:



Jeremy A. Abbate | VP & Publisher, Scientific American MIND and SA Worldview


Mr. Jeremy Abbate is responsible for developing and executing new media programs, brand extensions and collaborative ventures serving the international opinion leadership that turns to Scientific American and its related titles for the best views of the future. As the founder of Scientific American’s Worldview enterprise, a global exploration of health and life science innovation produced in collaboration with the Biotechnology Innovation Organization, he leads the teams that create its content, distribution network and visibility platforms for its sponsors.


To learn more about Mr. Jeremy Abbate, click this link.



Cristina Dolan | Co-Founder & COO, IxLedger


Ms. Cristina Dolan is Co-Founder and COO of iXledger an alternative marketplace for insurance based on blockchain. As a former executive at a software company that offers award winning global multi-asset institutional trading solutions in the cloud, she is applying her knowledge of traditional marketplaces to the creation of next generation blockchain enabled marketplaces in combination with advanced technologies through digital transformation to create efficiencies and opportunities.


To learn more about Ms. Cristina Dolan, click this link.




Maria Luisa Pineda PhD | Co-Founder and CEO, Envisagenics, Inc


Dr. Maria Luisa Pineda is the co-founder and CEO of Envisagenics, Inc. a biotech spinout of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory that has developed a machine learning platform to predict disease-causing aberrant splicing through the analysis of massive amounts of RNA-seq data. With this platform, Envisagenics will identify biologically relevant and druggable targets and design RNA-therapeutics that will be validated in preclinical and clinical studies.


To learn more about Dr. Maria Luisa Pineda, click this link.