Harold Swerdlow, PhD

Harold Swerdlow is an expert in genomics who serves as the Vice President of Sequencing at the New York Genome Center. He is responsible both for developing cutting-edge technologies and for managing the clinical and research production facilities.

Dr. Swerdlow’s work in technology innovation seeks to advance a variety of next-generation molecular biology techniques as well as the instrumentation needed to support them. One of his major focuses is to develop microfluidic capabilities to reduce the costs of single-cell and other DNA library preparation methods for next-generation sequencing.

Prior to joining NYGC, he served as Head of Research & Development at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, where he also had responsibility for next-generation DNA sequencing instrumentation.

Prior to that, Dr. Swerdlow was the Chief Technology Officer at Dolomite Ltd. and the Senior Director of Research at Solexa Ltd.